Boho Beach Minimalistic


It’s freezing here today so there’s nothing better to do then wrap myself in a blanket with a cup of tea, Pinterest and write a little bit.

I’m in the middle of re-vamping my apartment’s interior. Nothing major, just superficial of course.

A couple of trips to Ikea & K’Mart and it will be all good.

  • I’m stuck trying to figure out what i want my interior design aesthetic to be. It’s hard for two reasons:
  • I live with two other girls who have different taste

I’m poor as fuck

Living in a beachside apartment, it’s only natural I’d want some boho, beach vibes going on. But at the same time I also want to go minimalistic.

Beachy-boho-minimalist – that’s a thing right?

There’s literally no point to this post other then the fact I just wanted to make the last two hours of Pinterest count towards something.

Basically i just need to buy a Moroccan rug and  Fiddle Leaf Fig and I’m good to go.

*all images: Pinterest

What’s your interior design aesthetic?


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